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CCDA Central Political Mission

Political Struggle as a Priority

51% of the Guatemalan population lives under the poverty line, and half of the children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition.1

This high level of poverty, as well as the social exclusion of the indigenous population, is due to the great inequalities that exist in Guatemala. According to the World Bank, Guatemala is the country with the highest inequalities in Latin America, and the lowest human development index. These inequalities are particularly related to inaccessibility to land, since 56% of the cultivable land is in the hands of 1.86% of the population, and only 22% of the cultivable land belongs to small farmers.

In these conditions, the CCDA thinks that the struggle against poverty is particularly linked to the fight against inequalities that can only be achieved through a significant change of the political, social and economic structure of Guatemala.

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