Comité Campesino del Altiplano



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Online Fundraising

The CCDA is like any other organization in Guatemala. We need money to help fund the cause to allow us to do what we need to do to help others.

In the beginning charities canvassed for donations by personally sending out collectors who would go door to door. This was positive as a specific message could be delivered personally. However, this was extremely labour intensive and the return was meager in comparison to the outlay involved.

The next development was the use of the direct mail campaign, where a group of the community is chosen to receive a mailout describing the needs and opportunities to give to the specific group. It could reach a wide audience. However, the problem with this method of contact was that it was less personal and it was difficult to get people to open unsolicited mail.

The rise of the telephone too involved personal contact, where a specific message could be delivered. However, it was also a cause of irritation, as people didn’t appreciate the intrusion into the private and family time. The added development of television telethons still allowed people the opportunity of personal contact in the giving of a donation however; the focus had changed, where they were the one contacting the charity hotline. A specific message could still be delivered personally, but only to those who watched and subsequently called. This manner of requesting donations from the public was novel for a time but the format has long since outlived its effectiveness.

These two methods also produced meager results when compared to their operational outlays.

Online Donations

Online fundraising has revolutionized the manner in which not for profit agencies reach their potential supporter base. It has marked increased involvement from the business community such as direct donations and grants. Corporate donations are more readily given when the business community, can see where their money is actually being spent. With the rise of online portfolios, the effectiveness of their donations can be clearly demonstrated.

It has greatly increased the power of images as they can be seen by multitudes of people with the rise of social media. The power of social media has been displayed in recent times with You Tube being used to promote serious discussion on causes around the world. Facebook and Twitter have also been used in this fashion, to promote causes as well as assisting in the maintenance of active relationships with donors and giving the not for profit a platform to assist them to become more visible to potential donors. Updates relating to the cause can be posted online in real time via a blog.

Through this medium, there is the ability to share personal stories of how the money donated is impacting personally in the life of a person or community. There is also the ability to continually refresh the webpage with the latest news and thus keep the cause uppermost in people’s minds. There is also an increased ability to communicate broadly with the donors what a difference every small donation makes.

Social Sharing

The rise of social media is an area which the not for profit sector has embraced with great results. Now a donation is just a click away. People are able to share with their friends the causes they are passionate about and inspire them to get involved. Online software and services have developed to make it easier than ever before for an individual to raise funds for their not for profit agency. There is now the facility to create a specific webpage for your cause and promote it via email marketing with sites such as everyday hero. Some websites such as my cause facilitate donations by acting as a collection point from where donors can specify the charities they wish to donate to via links on the site. These funds are then distributed via the site to the not for profit agencies on a monthly basis.

How to Donate Using Coupons

Now online shopping and online giving have been combined through the ingenious concept of Giving Assistant. It is a unique online provider in this space which links not for profit agencies with branded online stores. This is why we promote their coupons and promo codes to use on the homepage. Use them to get a discount and to give us some cashback for free.

Now people are able to combine their online shopping with giving to their favorite charity. So shopping is now guilt free because a portion of everything spent on the site is being donated to the charity of their choice. There is also the added incentive of discounts and offers which are given to members. So giving has become a lot more enjoyable, that more and more people are getting involved. People can simply give by changing their online shopping habits and doing all of their online shopping through sites like, thus supporting their invaluable work with not for profit agencies all over the world.